Off site or On site at Disney – Decisions…Decisions!

[h1]If you are planning a trip to Orlando, and are trying to decide if you are staying on site at Disney – or off site at a rental or hotel – we can help you decide![/h1]

Welcome to Walt Disney World! ©  All Rights Reserved
Welcome to Walt Disney World! © All Rights Reserved

The convenience of Disney’s on-site hotels is a huge part of the decision process. While it is typically a little less to stay off site – Disney has done their homework. They are well aware of the costs associated with staying outside of their ‘World’. They have priced their packages accordingly with the added value of staying at one of their resorts.
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We will be happy to do all the calculating and send you the comparison on one tidy page!

For the DIY-ers out there…here’s a couple tips for you:

First – price out a total vacation package at a resort of your choice at Disney! Package should include your resort, tickets and a dining package.

Second – price out the TOTAL for staying off site. This includes calculations for the following:

  • Accommodations
  • Car rental (if flying)
  • Disney Tickets (same number of days/options as the Disney package for comparison)
  • Meals
  • Note: Off site meals are calculated at $50/adult, $25/child PER DAY ($100/day for avg family of 4)
  • Parking at the parks (# of park days * $17 per vehicle)
  • Shuttle fees (if you are planning to use the hotel shuttle)

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[h1]Here is an example of a family of 4 deciding to stay at Disney or other accommodations just outside of Disney World:[/h1]
Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort – Royal Guest Room
2 A, 3C (7,4,INF) Jan 22-28,2015

Note: Disney was offering a “Stay, Play and Dine and save up to $600″ Promotion.

Disney Package w/ Tickets & Dining $3,332.16 USD
Flights $1000.00 USD
TOTAL $4,332.16 USD

The same family staying at a friend’s condo just outside of Disney:


Condo  Free
Disney Theme Park Tickets (for the whole fam) $1,337.64 USD
Meals (both in park and out of park) $1050.00 USD
Car Rental $508.67 USD
Parking $119.00 USD
Flights $1000.00 USD
TOTAL $4,015.31 USD

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If you were driving yourself and did not have generous friends / family to offer accommodations, the cost of the rental would likely offset the cost of accommodations (depending on the accommodations)

As you can see…Disney makes it comparable to stay on site at one of their amazing resorts.

There are some instances when it will be less expensive (and a significant savings) to stay off site.

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[li]Large Familes[/li]
[li]Multiple Families[/li]
[li]Florida Road Trippers[/li]


Trust that we will help you with those options when they present themselves! 🙂

Would you like us to compare your next holiday?

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