[h1 subtitle="Your Real Family Travel Specialists"]We are Wendy Scott & Kristie DeWaele![/h1]
Wendy Scott and Kristie Dewaele

We are NOT just your ordinary Travel Agents!

We are a mother and daughter team, and our mission is to arrange the most magical, incredible vacation you and family have ever had!   The difference between a good vacation and an exceptional one lies in the details. With so many travel options out there for families, it can be overwhelming! We use our expertise to scrutinize your vacations plans with a fine-tooth comb to ensure that even the subtlest of details are addressed. This results in a perfect family vacation that exceeds your every desire! With our services, you can have the confidence that your family vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle-free and filled with magical moments you will never forget. Hearing your excitement before, during and after your family vacation and travels is the ultimate mission! 

[h2 align="left"]We cater to all family shapes and sizes![/h2]

[list type="check3" class="bgcolor"]
[li]Large families[/li]
[li]Families of 2[/li]
[li]Multi-generational families[/li]
[li]Traveling with babies[/li]
[li]Traveling with teens[/li]

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[li]Special Needs[/li]
[li]Restricted mobility[/li]
[li]Hearing & Vision impairments[/li]
[li]Special dietary needs[/li]
[li]Invisible needs[/li]
[li]and more[/li]

[whiteframe padding="20px"]We became crazy good at what we do by, taking our own families on amazing vacations. And we have spent many hours taking specialized customer service and product knowledge training in the Travel Industry.[/whiteframe]