We will help you plan a vacation that allows you to disconnect from the 'real world' and re-connect with the people that matter the most! 

#Collect Memories Not Things  is our tag line.  Not because it's trendy or popular, but because it is a way of life for us.  During the holidays, we have spent many years choosing experiences with our family over buying the latest toy or video game.  Ask my teenager what he got for Christmas when he was 7.  He has no idea.  Ask him about Meema's gift of a family outing at bowling / laser tag (with the 5' sub for dinner!) or the family outing to Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament!  He can recall those events without falter.  Material gifts have their place - but in a world where material things and social image matter more than relationships and people - we need to step back (and up) and show our children what matters most.  Memories.  Not things!

Planning your family vacations can be challenging! The average person spends approximately 40 hours researching a vacation before booking anything.  Add in an additional 10 hours for booking / organizing documents and prepping the family to go away!  That's 50 hours of your time you will never get back!  JUST TO GO ON VACATION!!!!  Do these ever cross your mind while trying to plan your vacation on your own?

  • Where should we go?
  • Is it safe?
  • What will we do when we get there?
  • Can they accommodate my large family?
  • Can they accommodate my family with special needs?
  • We have a multi-generational family!  Is there enough entertainment for everyone?
  • How much will this cost?  Can I stay within budget?
  • When is the best time to travel to XYZ and when is the best time to book?
  • What tips/advice should I find before I book?
  • Who should I book with?
  • Do I need a travel agent?  (Hint...YES you do!!)
  • What about insurance?
  • How do I keep it all organized? (Hint....use a travel agent!)

Here's the reality.  If we're lucky, we get around 15 chances to create lifelong family vacation memories with our kids. We all know, if the kids aren't happy, no one will be happy...and there are no "do overs" for a bad family vacation. Think of us as a guide that will lead you to the perfect family vacation. With our help, you can be fearless when traveling and confident your kids will grow up with awesome memories of the vacations they spent with you!

How Can We Help?

At Real Family Travels, we can help you plan the perfect family vacation.  We work with you directly to plan a vacation that fits your unique family needs.  If you need every detail planned from packing to returning home, we can do that!  If you are more of a Pinterest Fact Finder / DIY'er, we can look over all your plans and make suggestions based on our expertise and experience and make the bookings (ensuring your are protected by TICO and other industry safety nets!).  We package everything into a neat folder for you to travel with - ensuring you have all your travel information close at hand!

Who we are!

I am Kristie! Travel Agent Extraordinaire !! Co-Founder of Real Family Travels!!!  Alongside Wendy Scott, I started this journey back in 2010 when my babies were still babies and Wendy and I were looking for a new direction with our careers. Wendy (aka Mom) called me one sunny afternoon claiming "I was thinking"... (always an interesting conversation starter - even today!)  I was looking for a new career direction as my maternity leave was ending, so I was intrigued when she followed with "Do you want to start a travel agency with me?"  Why not??  After all, I LOVE planning Disney trips for my family and my friends!  It would be awesome to do that AND get paid!

On December 10, 2010 - while I was stuck at home with 4 kids, canceled school and Snowmaggedon happening outside - Wendy was in Brantford signing the papers with TravelOnly (our Host Agency) for our new business!  It was exciting, fresh, a lot of scary, but mostly a new adventure filled with hopes and dreams! 

And I never looked back!

What started as a love for planning Disney quickly turned into a hunger to learn it all!  All Inclusive Resorts?  No Problem!  I plowed through countless hours of training and certifications until I had a small corner of the industry carved out for myself!  

We built our agency out of a love for travel in a world where online booking is convenient but lackluster in the customer service department.  Wendy and I - from the start - based our business on the values that we looked for in an agency ourselves!  We didn't have to look far for a motto.... #CollectMemoriesNotThings was (and is) a way of life for us.  Customer service is highly valued here and loyal guests that return to us year after year is our greatest achievement!

After all...we are built on 

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!


Meet the Team!

At Real Family Travels - we love the idea of helping others grow their travel business with the same passion that we have for ours!  We have grown our team with these super-awesome agents!

Wendy Scott - Co-Founder of Real Family Travels and Owner of Real Meaningful Travels.  Wendy is the travel expert for all areas of travel that touch your heart, your soul and your mind!  You can find Wendy on facebook HERE!


April Glithero - Owner of Dancing dreams.  April is a family fun travel advisor who is crazy good at Disney Destinations!  You can find April on facebook HERE!


Joseph Carubba - Owner of ALUXE Travel.  Joseph is our LGBTQ2 / Luxury travel expert who loves to put fabulous travel experiences together!  You can find Joseph on facebook HERE!



We are always open to adding to our team!  If you have a passion for travel and feel you are a good fit for our team, you can fill out the application HERE!