Have you ever been Saved By Insurance?

Insurance…..  UUGH….  Just another annoying line on the invoice.  We all hate buying it.  Do we really need it?

Just as a restaurant owner knows all that can go wrong in a kitchen, and a mechanic has seen disaster in ill-maintained vehicles, I have seen some pretty impressive claims for travel insurance over the years!  Some bizarre stories, some typical.  All have been paid out under our excellent provider – Manulife Travel Insurance.    Whenever I speak to my guests about travel insurance, I am always met with “No Thanks – Nothing will happen!”  My response is always the same.

Travel Insurance is a waste of money.  Until you need it.  Then it’s worth every penny!”

Insurance is for the unexpected.  Nobody ‘expects’ to have an accident or have an emergency come up that forces them to cancel their dream vacation!

While I can’t divulge my traveler’s experiences, Manulife has given us some local examples of where they have stepped in to assist during an emergency.   Check out this story!

Randy and his wife Annette enjoy their life in the small town of Harrow, ON – so much so that they haven’t felt the need to stray much. Sure, they’ve travelled around Canada, but for their recent 40th anniversary, they decided to do something special and travel abroad for the first time.

They booked their celebratory trip to Cuba to explore a new country and enjoy a whole lot of sun. But it was while exploring on rented motorized scooters that their adventure became a little less enjoyable than they’d anticipated. The brakes locked up, forcing them to veer into a rocky patch and wipe out. While Annette managed to escape with little more than some nasty scrapes on her knees, Randy suffered a cut on his head, plus a broken scapula and collar bone.

An ambulance arrived on the scene, but even the trip to the hospital was an adventure: the ambulance broke down on the way and the driver had to get out and fill the radiator with water to get it going again.

Once finally at the hospital, Annette was able to call Manulife and “they basically got on it right away,” Randy said. “They said no problem, they had all the paperwork started… and gave the Cuban hospital there the authorization on everything.”

After two and a half days in the hospital, where he says the care was “absolutely out of this world,” he was able to go home and spent a few more days at a hospital in Windsor, just to make sure he was fully on the road to recovery.

Now fully recovered, he’s glad he made the decision to buy Manulife Travel Insurance for their first trip out of the country. “I’d definitely recommend it to anybody, for sure. Because it just gives you that peace of mind that if something happens, you’re not having to worry about, of course, the expense first of all, but secondly, the people there really took care of us.

In fact, Randy and Annette seem to have caught the travel bug. They recently returned from their second trip abroad – a Caribbean cruise – where they made sure they were protected once again by Manulife Travel Insurance.

Do you purchase Manulife Travel Insurance?  I.Do.Every.Time.  I have credit card coverage – but I can travel easy knowing I have the service of Manulife behind me should there ever need to be a claim!

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