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Travelling safely and wisely is the only way to go!!

There is no place like home and every country has their own rules, cultures, customs,  living standards and safety standards. If you are travelling and vacationing, you are probably looking for sights and experiences you cannot find at home. If you are arranging your own travel, please investigate and you ensure you  are absolutely informed about your destination and make sure it is safe to travel there. This is where Kristie and I can really help, we go through this process step by step with you! Here are some of the things to know before you go….

  1. Passport – A valid passport ( cannot expire within 6 months of your return date of your vacation) is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document for Canadian citizens. Everyone in your family or traveling party must have a valid passport. This also applies to children travelling abroad as well. You also need to carry supporting identification, such as birth certificates, baptismal certificates, records of landing or certificate of Indian Status. Some countries have other requirements as well. Documents such as, divorces papers, custody court orders or death certificates ( if one parent is deceased) These documents will also help prove your citizenship, residency, and custodial rights when returning to Canada.
  2. Visas  – You need a visa to enter certain countries. The most common are business, work,student and tourist visas. We will makes sure you are covered for these before you travel. Some visas are easier to obtain than others, but we will help you through the process. Some visas also need a little bit of time to process as well.
  3. Other requirements – To enter other countries you may need to follow requirements – A certified criminal record check (provided by RCMP), a medical certificate, proof of HIV testing, and medical & health vaccination records.
  4. Travel and Medical Insurance – Do not have travel abroad and NOT have coverage. Your Provincial Insurance Plan does not cover you outside your province. There are many great providers of travel and medical insurance and it will protect you, your family and your investment into your vacation. Make sure you know your policies on what is covered and most importantly what it does NOT covered.


  • Make sure you have a valid Passport for everyone travelling.
  • Have supporting identification.
  • Obtain all visas that are needed.
  • Know the countries entry requirements
  • Purchase Travel and Medical Insurance
  • REGISTER with Foreign Affairs & International Trade Canada
  • here is the link – travel.gc.ca/register

Registration of cdn abroad

What do They do?

Assist Canadians travelling abroad….in emergencies!

  • help in medical emergencies by providing a list of doctors, hospitals and lawyers
  • help arrange for a medical evacuation if a necessary treatment is not available
  • provide advise & contact information on local police and medical services to victims of robbery, sexual assault or other violence.
  • provide assistance in cases of missing persons or the abduction of a child
  • provide you with sources of information about local laws and regulations
  • replace a lost, stolen, damaged or expired passports ( but renew before you go)
  • contact relatives or friends to request assistance in sending you money or airline tickets
  • contact next of kin, with your authorization, if you have had an accident or are detained by police
  • advise local police in Canada to contact next of kin in case of death
  • provide advice about burying a Canadian abroad or assist in repatriating the remains to Canada
  • they will know where you are in natural disasters and during civil unrest and be on the look out
  • they have more than 260 points of service in 150 countries worldwide
  • they are ready to assist
  • they don’t pay for stuff though! ( Bail bonds, airline tickets, legal support or medical costs )

Now add this with our Services ….. You are covered!

Kristie and I are Not just your ordinary “Travel Agents”. We use our expertise to scrutinize your vacation plans with a fine tooth comb to ensure that even the subtlest of details have been addressed. This results in a flawless family vacation that exceeds your every desire! With our service, you can be confident that your family vacation will be perfectly planned, hassle free and filled with magical moments you will never forget!

Let the Memories begin!

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