Just about, Every Family has Special Needs!

Special needs comes in many shapes, forms and uniqueness.

We cater to all family shapes and sizes!

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[li]Hearing Impaired[/li]
[li]Visually Impaired[/li]
[li]Allergies & sensitivities[/li]
[li]Mental physical disabilites[/li]
[li]Invisible disabilities[/li]
[li]Need to Travel with Attendants[/li]
[li]Traveling with Service Animals[/li]
[li]Traveling with special prescription medications[/li]
[li]Large family needs[/li]
[li]Families traveling with babies[/li]

[wall padding="15px" margin="15px"][quote type="quote1" align="center" width="84%"]From a personal note, both Kristie and I have and are traveling with some special needs family members and we have completed some specialized training with Special Needs at Seas, Autism Friendly – Royal Caribbean International and Walt Disney Travel company. We are not strangers to some the needs for traveling![/quote][/wall]

[h1 align="left"]Wendy Scott[/h1]

wendyI have a husband that has limited mobility and needs either a wheel chair or a motorized scooter for getting around a large all inclusive resort or travel on a cruise ship and enjoying the excursions at every port. For our vacations, we have extra planning and sometimes costs! We have to ensure everything gets through crowded airport security, have extra hands or equipment to get our luggage to the check-in counter and to our resort/room. We have to preregister with cruise lines to ensure we have accessible rooms and dining room tables. For all inclusive resorts, we have to make sure top stories have elevators or we make sure we are on the bottom floor.

[h1 align="left"]Kristie DeWaele[/h1]

kristieKristie deals with traveling with Invisible Disabilities and Autism. Dealing with large crowds and chaos can be challenging for some children. Their vacations may need a little more down time and quiet time. This also takes quite bit more planning. How to keep other active members of the family active and busy, and allow for the alone time or quiet time for another family member with Invisible needs. Staying flexible is always in the fore front for her vacations!

[h3 subtitle="We pride ourselves on the value of the travel advice that we offer" align="center"]We Love What We Do![/h3]
 The way we look at it is that if our clients knew everything there is to know about planning a vacation, they wouldn’t need us. Our vacations are customized to meet the unique needs of each of our guests. We simply don’t believe that one size fits all.

Are you ready for an amazing trip?