Travel Insurance is just a waste of money…until you need it! 

Then it is worth every dime!

When we are sending a quote to one of our guests – there is always an insurance clause in the back of the quote to remind guests of the importance of insurance.

I promise you this.  It is not simply a ploy to get more hard earned money from your wallet.  It is both a moral and legal obligation to ensure our guests have the best coverage available to them when they invest their hard earned cash into a vacation!

ambulance-150x150At the very least…Out of Province, medical coverage is mandatory!  If you have medical coverage through a credit card or work policy, we will INSIST that you phone your provider to ensure you have the correct coverage for the destination you are visiting!

 We all work hard for our money.  Investing in a vacation to reward all that hard work is worth protecting!  It may seem like an added expense to purchase trip cancellation insurance, however, life happens.  How devastated would you be to have all that money blowing in the breeze because junior fell ill and you had to cancel your trip 2 days before departure?!  I’ve heard it 1000s of times…”I’m going no matter what.  Put Grandma on ice until I return!!”  For every 20 objections, I have had at least 2 people call with the devastating news that they have to cancel their vacation because of a death or severe illness of their traveling partner or family member.

 Fever-150x150When push comes to shove…would you really leave your little one with family because they contracted chicken pox the day before departure?

When it comes to travel advice…

Mom Says…”Get travel insurance”