Here at Real Family Travels, our goal is to help busy families plan a vacation that will create memories that will last a lifetime!  Our principles are founded on ensuring your family time is cherished and your time with your family is treasured.  Life gets busy.  We can get a little 'disconnected' from our families from time to time because - well - LIFE happens! 

Let us help you disconnect from the everyday world and reconnect with your family!

Kristie DeWaele


Real Family Travels & Real Meaningful Travels

Wendy Scott


Real Meaningful Travels & Real Family Travels

Our Story

During a long cold winter back in 2010, Wendy phoned me up and said "I have a crazy idea! .........."   Real Family Travels was born from the idea that we could provide real family travel services to a world where online booking was trending.   Our mission was to ensure that each and every one of our clients received the personal touch to their vacations. What started as one business quickly grew into a beautiful team where we have experts in ever sector of the travel industry!

Wendy isn't just my business partner - she's also my Mom!  Together, Wendy and I create travel experiences that not only meet your expectations, but exceed them!  We both share a passion for travel and a desire to learn every aspect of it!  While my passions and experience lead me to create unforgettable Family experiences that #CollectMemoriesNotThings, Wendy's passions have led her to create lasting Meaningful experiences where you can #LetYourExperienceBeTheDifference!

Since then not only has our own experience and knowledge grown, but our team has as well!

We are not just your ordinary travel agents.