Why are “KIDS FREE” Promos not really ‘FREE’?

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[h1]Are KIDS FREE Promotions really FREE?[/h1]

I have had this question come up several times over the past few months – and would like to give you all some more information on the “KIDS FREE” promos that you often see advertised!

Unless it is a rare promotion – Kids generally are not completely free.  You typically pay for their flights and the taxes on the promo.  They “STAY, PLAY & EAT” free – not fly for free.

Let’s have a look at the latest Kids Free promo with Transat Holidays.  The fine print reads:

*Free kids: One or two children stay & eat free per two paying adults or single adult sharing the same room. Number of kids and ages vary by hotel. Each free child pays airfare and taxes. Valid on new individual bookings. Not applicable to groups. Flights are from Toronto via Air Transat in economy class. Prices indicated are per person, based on double occupancy in lead in room category, unless otherwise stated, including applicable taxes and fees. Space is limited and is subject to availability at time of booking. Limited seats available at prices indicated: 20 per departure. Travel Agency fees may apply. If there is any difference between this flyer and the system prices, system rates apply. For full descriptions and for terms and conditions, refer to transat.com. Transat is a division of Transat Tours Canada Inc., and is registered as a travel wholesaler in Ontario (Reg #50009486) with offices at 191 The West Mall, Suite 800, Etobicoke, ON M9C 5K8. June 13, 2017


The ‘fine print’ states that the kids will “Stay and Eat Free” but must pay airfare and taxes.  You can not combine these savings if you are booking into a group rate (ex: for a wedding group) and you can not add this rate into a vacation that is already booked.  Seats are limited to 20 bookings per departure – so will likely sell out fast!

Now that we have cleared that up – let me tell you that the Kids Stay Free Promos that Transat and other suppliers offer ARE a great value.  To only pay the flight and taxes for your kid(s) is a great discount on the vacation of your dreams!

Some resorts – like Palace Resorts and Hard Rock Resorts – have even expanded the ‘child’ pricing to kids 2-17!   We always encourage our guests to quote the total package – rather than looking at the adult rates.

When comparing two resorts for a family of 4 (2 Adults plus 2 Children 9 & 15) – the rates can surprise you!

Notice this resort (Hard Rock Riviera Maya) is offering a Kids Rate for both kids!

Adult rate = $2459.00 CAD (x2)

Child (9) = $529.00 CAD

Child (15) = $599.00 CAD

TOTAL:  $6046.00 CAD for a Family of 4

Compared to a competing (equally beautiful and amazing) resort that doesn’t offer kids pricing to kids over 12 – but has a lower adult rate:

Adult rate = $2084.22 CAD (x2)

Child (9) = $594.22 CAD

Child (15) = $2084.22 CAD

TOTAL:  $6846.88 CAD for a Family of 4

As you can see – the Kids Stay, Play and Eat free does have substantial savings!  Even though they are not completely FREE as most are implied by the advertisements – they still save lots!

If you are thinking of taking the kiddos on holiday – give us a shout!  We are happy to find the best deal possible for your family!




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