But wait…aren’t you the “Disney Lady”??

If you have been following me on social media lately – you have noticed that there have been several posts about All Inclusive destinations and cruising.  I have been asked lately “What’s going on?  Aren’t you the Disney Lady?”

[quote type=”quote3″]Yes – I AM still and will ALWAYS be the ‘Disney Lady’![/quote]

My passion for all things Disney will never fade.  I decided 6 years ago that my career would be built around the Disney brand, I clothed my children in Disney threads, and filled my home with Disney decor.  This won’t ever change.  There is a certain magic that happens at Walt Disney World that can not be replicated anywhere else.


In this business, I have fallen (naturally) into the family specialty product.  I have come across some families that – are you ready for this – don’t want to go to Disney (GASP..CHOKE..SPUTTER)!  I have learned that not all families are alike (shocker) and that some families prefer to chill on a beach or check out foreign destinations over a family trip to Disney.

[quote type=”quote3″]Let me clarify…. I am STILL the Disney Lady![/quote]

I have also expanded some of my knowledge and expertise to other areas of the market!  I owe it to all my families traveling to be the best there is in the market of family travel.  This includes earning my Special Needs Travel Advocate certification as well as certifying with cruise lines and All Inclusive chains.



Some of the other certifications you will be seeing in my news feed in the coming months will be celebrations of achieving my RIU Specialist program, AM Resorts Master Agent, Accredited Cruise Counselor, Carnival Passporter and Royal Caribbean WOW Expert.  It is a large project to take on – but one that I owe it to all our guests to be the best in the industry on planning family vacations!

Keep following.  Disney will always be in the forefront of my mind for a family destination – however – if you are looking for something different, I’m still your girl!  😀

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