What about Rover?

What are we going to do with our precious family dog while we go on vacation??

We have a family pet.! We also love to go on vacation!  What to do with our precious Lacey while we are on vacation is always frustrating.

I really hate begging my friends and family to dog sit, and I really loathe taking my little dog to a boarding kennel.  I cringe at the site of the cages and really feel she is not getting the attention she deserves and has at home. We have tried a couple of boarding places in the past and none of them have met my expectations.  I keep searching and searching for that better/alternative way to have my dog looked after. After long exhaustive search, I finally came across this company called –  DogVacay.

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I love to share this service with everyone! After all, I can’t be the only person struggling with finding that loving place for my family dog.  This will help make your planning and creating process for your vacation to be become even more  hassle free and more pleasant!

( Just a note here…I am not endorsed by this company, it is simply a favourite service I currently use for finding a place for my precious little dog. I even have a favourite host now!)

They have a website – DogVacay.com

They have a facebook page – DogVacay – Home Dog Boarding

It is a simple and easy way to look for people/host in your area or city that would take your dog into their home while you are away.

You simply set up your account and profile for your dog.  Search for some DogVacay Hosts in your area and review their profiles.  If you feel they would be a good fit for your family and your pet, you can set up a meeting with the host to get more acquainted.

Drop your dog off with all their food, blankies, toys and goodies.

Your Host will keep you updated while you are away. Emails and pictures came almost everyday with my Host.

Pick up your pampered and spoiled dog at the end of your vacation.

We are returning – repeat customer for these hosts. I feel so at ease when I go away. I can relax on my vacation knowing my dog is being looked after like she is at home.  In fact she went on more walks with the host then she does with us.  My biggest worry was she wouldn’t want to come home with us!

If you have some of the same problems or worries, you may want to check this out. Here is a short video on what they do.

As for the end of the story … My friends and family don’t have to lock their doors or block my calls any more when they hear that I have booked a vacation. We are all happy!


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